Murray State College

Like many other colleges and universities, Murray State College did not begin as an institution of higher education.  Originally, the college was established as an agricultural school of secondary level during the first legislative session of the new state of Oklahoma.  The school opened its doors on October 5, 1908 for a first term of eight months.

It is generally agreed that the school was named after William H. “Alfalfa Bill” Murray, president of the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention and later governor of the state.  Alfalfa Bill was a colorful character and a product of the times in which he lived. He is buried in the Tishomingo Cemetery.

William H. "Alfalfa Bill" Murray

Through the years there have been many changes on the campus of Murray State College.  The campus has been updated and expanded with many new and renovated buildings that were not in existence during the days of Alfalfa Bill and his colleagues.

Murray State College was the first Oklahoma community college to have a female president (Joy McDaniel – 2011).  One-hundred plus years after its creation, the college offers several 100-percent online degree programs and enrolls a great many concurrent students from local high schools.  It is a thriving and diverse community of college students, faculty and administrators who work together for the benefit of one another.

Murray State College is located in Tishomingo and offers courses in Ardmore.  Please stop by for a visit after shopping at Murray on Main.

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